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Nissan Alex F Noble & Son
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Mercedes-Benz EQC 400
Mercedes-Benz of Ipswich
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HS 1.5 PHEV Excite
Hendy MG Exeter
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57 Warren Avenue
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EV Charging

BP Chargemaster, Osprey and Plugsurfing make it easy to charge and save you money on your journeys. Want to get access to these Zoom benefits? Drop us a line to find out more.


Q-Park have nationwide parking & charging facilities, providing you with great access and rates across the UK when you pre-book parking as part of your journey.


Vehicles on Zoom are either covered by fleet policies or sharers book comprehensive short term cover. So all EVs are covered when being shared.

Zoom's Community

Every member of Zoom is part of our amazing community, that's designed to increase the use of better cars and have a positive impact on CO2 emissions.