Our people

Greg Fairbotham

Greg is Zoom’s Founder who had the initial vision of creating a company focussed on driving the new era of mobility whilst helping people make sustainable choices. With a background in oil and gas (oh the irony!) and EV's, Greg saw the need to change first hand and so set about making a difference through Zoom.

Zoom Admission - Greg drives an EV & is a Spartan Race Trifecta holder!

Jeff Fairbotham

Jeff is Zoom’s CFO (his surname is not a happy coincidence!). As a Chartered Accountant and FD in the automotive sector for over 30 years, Jeff is a huge asset to Zoom. Having helped build one of the largest dealer groups in the North West, Jeff moved in to EV's whilst also leading the exit of an auto-logistics business to Auto Trader.

Zoom Admission - Jeff is an England representative for tennis.... superstar in the mix!

James Jean-Louis

James Jean-Louis is Zoom's CCO and heads up Zoom's business development. James is a guru in the world of E-Mobility, having been in the automotive industry for over 25 years and launching Charging Solutions, one of the fist charging buisnesses in the UK in 2010, which was then acquired by Chargemaster in 2014. James went on to help build Chargemaster into the leading EV chargepoint provider and charging network in the UK, which was then acquired by BP in 2018.

Zoom Admission - James likes his boats and enjoys spending time in Spain on his when he isn't leading the e-mobility revolution!

Ollie Upton
Head of Marketing

Ollie Upton heads up the Marketing team here at Zoom. Having launched one of the fastest growing fitness companies in the UK which expanded into international markets, Ollie has a wealth of experience in consumer strategy and marketing. Ollie then sold this business, and joined the Zoom team in August 2019 to focus on the development and expansion of Zoom. 

Zoom Admission - Ollie once played, and beat, Andy Murray when they were playing tennis in the junior ranks. Beat that Jeff! ;) 

Dana Taylor
Digital and Customer Lead

Dana is Zoom’s Digital and Customer Lead who is responsible for our digital strategy and delivery. Dana makes sure the customer journeys across our services are as seamless and positive as possible. Dana is a huge advocate of Zoom's mission to reduce CO2 emissions from transportation and will play a leading role on Zoom's strategy on helping fight against single use plastics.

Zoom Admission - Dana loves speed and a bit of an adventure! Sky diving, scuba diving, caving, swimming with whale sharks and manta rays, triathlons, zooming down the hills on her road bike... there's no stopping her!

Sarah Mizzi
Business Development Executive

Sarah is Zoom's Business Development Executive. Her EV journey started when she joined Chargemaster, now BP as a Dealer Support Executive. Sarah has extensive knowledge in charging points and the charging network and has successfully trained hundreds of Sales Executive’s across the UK. Working in the EV industry is not only a job for Sarah but also her way of making a positive contribution to climate change. Sarah is delighted to be part of such an amazing Team at Zoom EV. 

Zoom Admission: Took her Grade 3 Tap Exam with FKA Twigs.

James O’Neill

James O’Neill is a Zoom Non-exec who has also been in EV charging from its roots. James helps provide Zoom with insight at an operational level as well as keeping us well connected within the e-mobility space and helping to develop our services. James is currently the Chief Commercial Officer of Innogy a market leading e-mobility company.

Zoom Admission - James is a fitness fanatic, has a gym in his garden and trains the people who train everyone else!

We're on a mission....

Along with our members and customers, we're positively impacting on climate change but we also go further. We contribute 10% of our profits towards AMAZING initiatives like helping projects that remove plastic from our oceans. Did you know, Zoom donated our August revenues to help fight the fires in the Amazon rainforest!

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