How do I share my vehicle?

Step 1

Complete your registration, log in to your personal dashboard and submit your details to Zoom via the 'Profile Setting' tab....

Step 2

After submitting your profile, add a vehicle by going to 'Your Cars' on your dashboard. You'll need your vehicle registration to hand....

Step 3

Once you've completed this and hit submit, Zoom will review your vehicle and confirm that your vehicle meets our criteria....

Step 4

Once Zoom has confirmed, that's it! You're ready to rock and roll and share your vehicle on our purpose built platform!

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Why should I join Zoom?

An Electric Community Built to Make a Difference

Zoom is a community and a platform that's purpose built for increasing the use of better vehicles. We are focussed on having a direct impact on carbon emissions and improving air quality and our members are the same!

A Safe and Reliable Sharing Community

We're very focussed on safety both in terms of vehicles and our members. We verify everyone and every vehicle on our platform and expect our members to help us drive this safe community.

Fantastic Sustainable Benefits

We've partnered market leading businesses in charging, parking and journey planning. We did this to give our members even more value when going on their low emission journeys and adventures!

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