Am I liable to pay charges / fines?

Charges and Fines, information on managing this...

In instances whereby during the sharing period a renter has incurred any charges and fines, it is their responsibility to pay such charges and fines. However, it is likely that you as the asset owner will receive these charges / fines after the sharing period is over.

It is essential that as soon as you receive any charges or fines, that you contact the Zoom member support team. The team will verify that the date and time of the charge matches the rental period and will contact the renter to ensure that they pay / reimburse the amount incurred.

It's really important that you contact Zoom ASAP, because fines and charges can accumulate if left unpaid, and if your delay impacts the renter's ability to pay the fine or contest it, you as the owner could be liable. For more information please read Zoom's Terms and Conditions of Service.