Am I liable to pay charges / fines?

Charges and Fines, information on managing this...

In instances whereby during the sharing period you as the renter have incurred any charges and fines these are  your financial responsibility to pay. These charges and fines are likely to only be received by the asset owner after the sharing period is over. Whereby Zoom verifies that a charge or fine was incurred during the sharing period, this will be billed to you retrospectively.

The asset owner has a responsibility to inform both Zoom and you as the sharer as soon as they can with regards to any charges and fines that have been incurred during the sharing period. Once Zoom has validated that the charges / fines were incurred during the sharing period this will then be subsequently your responsibility to pay / provide reimbursement. 

If you have any queries throughout this process you can contact the Zoom Member Support team who will provide you with assistance.

For more information please read Zoom's Terms and Conditions of Service.