Are there late fees and if so when do they apply?

Yes there are. Obviously we want our members to have as good a sharing experience as possible and to try and ensure this we want to prevent lateness and cancellation as much as possible. That being said we have developed the lateness / cancellation policy to be as fair as we can be to all parties!

It's really important that you communicate with the asset owner and build a rapport. At the end of the day we're a community of members and it's important that our community is able to rely on one another. You can view the other members details on a booking by going to your dashboard, selecting the relevant booking in 'Notifications' and then clicking 'View Details', this will bring up the other members details for you to communicate with them. If you have any issues, let us know and the Member Support Team will help you out!

Grace Period 

We want to be a community whereby we provide each other with the benefit of the doubt. This is why we introduced the 'grace period' which essentially gives each member 15 minutes leeway when sharing. As a renter this essentially means providing the asset owner with a 15 minute window after the rental commences. Obviously they should have reached out to you to inform you if they're delayed and hence why we emphasise open communication between all our members when sharing!

If you encounter any issues as always you can contact the friendly Zoom member support team at