COVID-19 - Rules for Using EVs

COVID-19 - Using EVs Flexibly and Safely

It's critically important that when using an EV on Zoom post the COVID-19 pandemic that the necessary precautions are taken to ensure the safety of all our members and our partners. We're a community that not only care about the environment but also about one another, which is why we (Zoom) are taking the steps to ensure the safe use of EVs on our platform by providing the following guidelines:

Guidelines for auto-dealers / individuals and organisations sharing EVs

  • Upon a member renting your EV ensure that social distancing is adhered to when vehicle pick-up and drop off is completed.
  • Always disinfect the key prior to letting the user take it.
  • Put the key in a safe spot in front of you and let the individual pick the key up whilst social distancing, or alternatively open the car for them and leave the key inside just before they get in to it.
  • Upon vehicles being returned, allow the user to place the key in a safe spot in front of you or in a key safe. You can then retrieve the key from a distance (using gloves).
  • You must then disinfect the key prior to its next use.
  • Zoom recommends that you utilise gloves and a face mask throughout the process and ensure social distancing at all times.

The key thing is to remain two metres apart from people at anyone time!

Thanks to everyone helping to keep our community safe and more importantly keeping each other safe.

We are stronger together.


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