COVID-19 - Rules for Using EVs

COVID-19 - Using EVs Flexibly and Safely

It's critically important that when using an EV on Zoom post the COVID-19 pandemic that the necessary precautions are taken to ensure the safety of all of our members and our partners. We're a community that not only care about the environment but also about one another, which is why we (Zoom) are taking the steps to ensure the safe use of EVs on our platform by providing the following guidelines:


  • When you use an EV on our platform you must ensure that you (the user) are only using the car yourself or with members of your household. This follows the UK Government guidlines around social distancing.
  • You must ensure that when picking a vehicle up that you retrieve the key for the vehicle at a safe distance (such as an auto-dealer representative or individual) putting the key down cleanly with you then picking the key up. Or alternatively the asset owner putting the key in the vehicle with you remaining at a safe distance.
  • Zoom recommends that you take gloves and a face mask with you (where you have them) and have hand sanitser lotion with you during your journey. 
  • When returning a vehicle you will need to clean the keys using the anti-bacterial lotion you have brought or is in the vehicle and place the keys down or put them in the safe place recommended to you.

The key thing is to remain two metres apart from people at any given time!

Thanks to everyone helping to keep our community safe and more importantly keeping each other safe.

We are stronger together.


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