How are vehicles priced on the site?

Vehicle pricing varies depending on the type of vehicles but also on the sharing scenario. When registering your vehicle Zoom's platform provides a guide price on an hourly, daily and weekly basis. This price is determined by taking in to consideration generic criteria including the vehicle value, the age of the vehicle and the vehicles mileage.

In certain other scenarios i.e. where we're helping councils increase the use of their EVs within their employees we work with them to set rates that help them recoup an element of the cost for running that scheme.

The same applies for working with auto-dealer groups, Zoom works with them to provide rates for the sharing of their electric vehicles for longer periods of time, providing better, electric experiences for customers.

When setting vehicles up on Zoom, you can change the pricing shown by editing the rates shown. This is simple and easy!

Does Zoom keep any of the monies? Zoom keeps 20-25% of the amount paid for sharing the vehicle. The rest is transferred on to the asset owners.