How are vehicles priced on the site?

How are vehicle prices calculated?

Here at Zoom we've tried to be as helpful as possible when it comes to providing prices for vehicles. The prices generated on the platform when asset owners register vehicles are calculated by taking in to consideration generic criteria including the vehicle value, the age of the vehicle and the vehicles mileage.

The prices generated are then shown as an hourly rate, a daily rate and a weekly rate.

The vehicle prices shown on the platform include the cost of the vehicle and has breakdown included (this may not apply whereby organisations are sharing their vehicles and cover is already in place). Whereby individuals are sharing one anothers vehicles short term insurance cover will need to be booked via one of our partners. The Zoom Member Support Team can help advise you on this where required.

Does Zoom keep any of the monies? Zoom keeps 20-25% of the amount paid for sharing the vehicle. The rest is transferred on to the asset owners.