How does Zoom store and use my data?

Data security is incredibly important to us here at Zoom. We've built our platform in the safest manner to ensure that your data is protected.

Here are a few things for us to mention to you for your peace of mind! Our platform is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) compliant, this means that between Zoom and the servers that our platform utilises your data is impossible to read. You can see that our website has HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) before it, this means that our website has an SSL certificate in place.

Our platform is also what our funky developers call 'closed sourced', which increases the safety and security of your customer information.

Additionally, you'll see from the payment section that we utilise Stripe to process payments. Stripe are an internationally recognised payment provider and are tip top when it comes to payment security. You can read more about Stripe in the payment FAQs.

In terms of how we use your data. We will only ever use your data in conjunction with your preferences. As we're a start up we of course want to provide as much value to you through our benefits (to add value to you) and to talk to you about how we're getting on but you can tell us to stop whenever you like!

You can find out more about the above in our Terms and Conditions.