Insurance on Zoom

We all know that insurance makes the motor world tick, find out here how insurance works when sharing on Zoom. There are different sharing scenarios that occur on Zoom which means different insurance applies yet it's all very straight forward!

Individual EV Sharing

If you're sharing an individuals EV (it could be a neighbour or someone close in your community) then you HAVE to book short term insurance to cover the period of use. This is easily done through Cuvva, an app that enables short term insurance to be purchased for the period that you've booked to take an EV. This cover doesn't affect the vehicle owners policy and also doesn't affect their no claims bonus either in the event you're in an incident.

When you have booked to share a vehicle and it has been accepted, just download Cuvva and register (this takes approx. 5 mins). When you go to pick up the EV, open Cuvva and enter the vehicle registration plate number, next you'll be guided to take a photo of the front of the vehicle (for the number plate) and then select how many hours you want to share the car for (the period that you've booked it for on Zoom). The insurance cover is comprehensive and you then share the policy with the vehicle owner and with Zoom, creating trust and reassurance. This full comprehensive cover can be done in seconds, it's easy peasy!

If you have international visitors or friends and they're wanting to use your vehicle, they can use your EV too but would need to download a different short term insurance provider. The Zoom Member Support Team can help them with that, so please get in touch (

Business EV Sharing

Zoom is also working with organisations who want to share their EVs and provide experiences and access to EVs. Some of these organisations share these vehicles with employees on weekends, some of these organisations are auto-dealers that we're working with to get people the best EV experiences around! In these circumstances, fleet insurance policies cover this type of sharing and as such additional insurance may not be required, if you're sharing such vehicles it is always worth checking with your company or the auto-dealer to make sure. You can also check with us, we're always here to help guide our members!

The Future of Insurance (Coming Soon)

We are already in the process of an all-encompassing insurance solution to cover all sharing scenarios. We will keep all of our members updated on this as it is very exciting (even though it is insurance!). This will enable us to provide a better solution to all our customers sharing vehicles.

If you have any queries or questions on insurance please contact us at