An Introduction to Zoom

Zoom Founder, Greg Fairbotham


Hi there and welcome to our purpose built car sharing platform! You might be wondering just what Zoom is and who we are, well here is the place to find out!


Zoom is an e-mobility brand that has our own Zoom car sharing platform, our own Zoom EV Services Bundle and our own insurance product for EVs that's built to benefit people for choosing better vehicles.

Our humble beginnings started when our Founder (Greg Fairbotham) left his role working in oil and gas (we know!) to build a platform that enabled car sharing that got more people in to and using EVs. Along this journey it became apparent to the Zoom team that on top of pushing a new mobility agenda there wasn't a powerful way of reducing costs to people for choosing a more sustainable option and so we set about rectifying that and launched our market leading Zoom Electric Vehicle Services Bundle.

We're now building a community of EVs to be shared across individuals, through auto-dealer networks wanting to provide an enhanced EV experience to customers and sharing idle cars as well as with organisations implementing EVs.

More than the above though, we're on a mission to do more. This is why we contribute 10% of our profits to projects that remove plastics from our oceans and help re-build coral reefs. We actually donated our August reveues to fighting the fires in the Amazon.

Electric Vehicle Sharing

Mobility is changing and how people use vehicles is completely different to how it was a decade ago. How we use vehicles in the next few years will see even greater change as Mobility As A Service (MaaS) has even greater impact on the transport sector and on our lives. Ride Hailing and Car Sharing are two of the key drivers of this change. Did you know that cars sit idle circa 95% of the time?! Here at Zoom we wanted to do car sharing right and to have an even greater impact on CO2 emissions by enabling the sharing of better vehicles. Not only this we thought about the end-to-end journey too, hence why we have partnered with market leading providers in the charging, parking, green energy and home charging space, all so that your journey is as easy and cost effective as possible!

EV Driver Benefits Bundle

Zoom's EV Driver Benefits Bundle was built to help people getting in to EVs by setting them up with everything that they need with market leading services and saving them money at the same time. Our bundle provides customers a free charging key to one of the best 'roaming' public charging networks, savings across a national car parking provider, discounts on smart home charging solutions and benefits on green energy tariffs with one of the biggest players in the market. Click here for more information.

Electric Vehicle Insurance

Zoom's EV insurance product was built on feedback from EV owners who felt their experience of insuring their own EV was far below par. Not only was the experience poor but policy wording hadn't been updated to cover plug-ins and there were no benefits from choosing a better vehicle. So we decided to turn this on its head! In August 2019 we launched our own insurance product for EVs that's delivered by a team of trained specialists who take you on a proper customer journey, policy wording that provides additional coverage for your EV and benefits that you won't find anywhere else.

Who Are We?

Well we're a bit of a mix really! We have backgrounds in energy, finance, auto-motive and significant EV sector expertise. We're currently a relatively small team but with big ambition! You can find out more here about the Zoom Team.