What happens if a booking needs to be extended?

If a renter wants to extend their booking of your vehicle, they will first have to reach out to you to confirm that you're happy with the new rental period. A renter could do this prior to the booking period or during the booking period. Member details are provided within the specific booking under 'Details'.

Whereby a renter contacts you about extending their booking before the sharing period this will be up to you to say whether you can accept it or not. Any bookings will come through the Zoom platform.

In instances whereby a renter needs to extend the booking during the period they have the vehicle they must contact you at least 4 hours before the original scheduled drop-off time (as stated on the booking confirmation), update their booking in the system and contact Zoom. 

Whereby short-term insurance has been booked, the renter must also extend their insurance to ensure that they have adequate coverage for the extended period. This is very easy to do!

Such a situation might occur whereby they're running late due to being stuck in traffic (just an example).

The Zoom team are here to help try and prevent the instances above happening but it's always good to just keep in contact with the other member. As always communication is key!