What if I am late for pick-up/drop-off?

We recognise that things happen, that is life! Where these things impact you sharing on Zoom just remember that communication is key! The most important part is making sure that all parties are aware.

So, one of the things that we have implemented within Zoom is the 'waiting room', which is a 15 minute period whereby our members give one another the benefit of the doubt. We've put this in place because we know all of our members at some point might need a little leeway. Once the 'waiting room' period is over the waiting member can then decide how they wish to proceed.

If you're sharing a vehicle and running late to collect, firstly communicate this to the owner / operator. It might be it doesn't impact their schedule too much and they're happy to be flexible. However, if you're later than 15 minutes the owner does not need to wait for you to collect the vehicle and you may need to meet them elsewhere at their convenience or make alternative travel arrangements.

If you are going to be late returning the vehicle, you must communicate this to the owner and inform Zoom so that the member support team can help you to update the booking and ensure that you've updated the insurance cover for the additional time (where sharing someone else's vehicle). You will be charged for the additional time the vehicle is rented for in accordance with Zoom's late fee policy. Not extending your booking and your insurance cover will mean that you are financially liable and responsible for any and all incidents. So please always communicate!

Remember, if you have any questions then you just need to contact us and we'll help you (membersupport@zoom-ev.com).