What is Zoom's verification / validation process?

The safety and security of our members is of critical importance to us, hence we take great care to make sure every member on our site is safe and responsible and that the vehicles on our platform meet the required standards.

As a renter, you'll be asked to provide details including:

  • Personal (name, d.o.b, address).
  • Driving licence (including photos).
  • DVLA check code (which allows Zoom to conduct a check on the DVLA database).

    Once the process is complete (and you meet the criteria) you will receive a confirmation email from us telling you that you're a Zoomer! IF some of the details don't quite match up, don't worry, we'll contact you and work through this with you. We try and make this process as easy as possible but we hope you can appreciate we have to be thorough!

Follow the link below to register and become part of the Zoom community!

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