What's the earning potential?

What's my EV's earning potential on Zoom?

The stat we love at Zoom is that on average, vehicles sit idle 95% of the time... so why not do more with better cars (EVs)? Why not get more people in to them? Why not generate a revenue from an otherwise idle asset? Why not have a positive impact on the environment? To see what it could be earning you, look no further than our revenue calculator. This should give you an indication of the level of revenue you could generate by listing your vehicle on Zoom. Obviously how often your car is available is up to you!

Sharing EVs is fantastic from a revenue generation point of view and it also has a significant impact on carbon emissions too. This is why Zoom was set up, to do more with better cars and have a positive impact on our environment.

(FYI - If you want to get an EV then please contact member support who can help you through our partners).