What's the earning potential?

I'm a Zoom renter - can I become a Zoom owner?

Answer = OF COURSE!

So you might have rented using Zoom already and you're thinking to yourself "this is a great way to increase the utilisation of an asset and generate an income", you might also even have your own electric vehicle or are thinking of getting one in order that you too can share it. Well why not! Electric Vehicle sharing is a great way to increase the use of vehicles, generate revenues from otherwise idle assets and also have a really positive impact on carbon emissions.

As you'll be aware Zoom was founded to have an impact on carbon emissions and sharing EVs (better cars in our humble opinion!) has a profound impact. So if you're thinking of getting and sharing a EV then become an owner on Zoom and you could generate approximately £1500 per annum and have a personal impact on reducing carbon emissions......... Go on why wouldn't you!

(FYI - If you want to get an EV then please contact us as we can help through our partners).