Where will Zoom be focussing its development?

Zoom is all about providing key services for EVs and EV drivers. We have our Electric Vehicle Services Bundle to help new EV drivers save money across the key services that they need; we have our own insurance product for EV owners, which is delivered by trained insurer staff, contains more comprehensive EV cover and includes EV benefits as standard and we have our EV car sharing platform. Our future is about continuously developing these to drive more value to our customers and members and becoming leaders in EV insurance and electric mobility.

We're a small company with a small team but because of our focus and leadership on electric mobility and electric insurance we're driving the conversation with some of the biggest companies in the world. Our brand is becoming synonymous with the future of mobility and we intend to be a household name when people think about electric mobility.

We're already innovating in the EV insurance space and this will have an impact for owners as well as sharing on our platform.

We'll also be bringing more benefits to our customers across charging, parking and more in order to really drive benefits to our members for choosing better vehicles.

If you're looking at getting in to an EV, or are looking at getting better insurance for your current EV, follow this link and we'll be able to help get you on the road!

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