Why is using Zoom different?

Here at Zoom, we see ourselves as different for a variety of reasons.

  • Firstly, we're all about sharing ELECTRIC VEHICLES! In a world where vehicles sit idle 95% of the time (crazy we know), where congestion is the blight of the nation and where carbon emissions and air quality are of increasing importance, electric vehicles being shared just makes sense.

  • We connect people to EVs, but we also connect them to some of the best public charging and parking operators in the country with benefits.

  • You can take vehicles as part of our community and never have to do traditional car rental again!

  • We're helping individuals and organisations transition to electric vehicles and do more with them and get the amazing driving experience that EVs bring!

Why else are we different?

Well we have also developed a number of other offerings based on feedback from EV drivers. These are our EV Services Bundle, which gives benefits and cost savings to EV Drivers and our EV insurance product, delivered by specialists, with more comprehensive cover and EV specific benefits. You can find ou more by visiting www.zoom-ev.com 

Did you know? We also contribute 10% of our profits to projects that remove plastics from our oceans? 

Want to find out more about who is driving Zoom? (Pun intended......) Visit the About Us section....